About Keurmerkinstituut

Keurmerkinstituut (or 'Certification Institute') is a notified certification body accredited for most of its certification activities by the Dutch Board of Accreditation (rva.nl). We examine and assess products, services and organisations, and provide training to spread our knowledge. Our goal is to improve the quality and safety of the end-user (consumer, client). Our product range consists of certificates, statements, research & inspection reports and courses & trainings. For more information view our accreditations and acknowledgments and our certification marks.

The starting-points for our provision of services are:

  •     Competence/expertise, reliability and integrity

  •     Pragmatic, to the point

  •     Short lines of communication, quick response times

  •     Transparency, no surprises after commissioning

In our business we apply the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (mvo).


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Keurmerkinstituut: voor certificatie, inspectie, onderzoek en trainingen